Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dell provides contact number of Linda Kelly of Escalation

Dell is maintaining that Azam Mohammed and Reena Dominic called me. Funny how it was ME who tried to call them many times and was told by their secretary that they were not there. I also wrote e-mails which they did not answer. I will keep fighting them on this. They have now given me the contact details for resolution manager Linda Kelly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey the same thing happened to me. They transferred me to Azam Muhammad after I was hung up on, transferred to a spanish speaker (I do not speak spanish) and disrespected by people who barely speak english. I ordered a GPS and they did not have it and would not get it at all, so they kept on delaying the order in the hopes that I would buy a more expensive product. Dell does not give a damn about its consumer. Azam had the nerve to try to upsell me (more than 2X the price that I originally paid). Who ever reads this DO NOT BUY FROM DELL!!!