Friday, September 12, 2008

Dell refuses to put me in contact with Escalation Team Members

I received 2-emails from Dell's escalation team in regards to getting a refund of my shipping fee. I tried calling one of them, and was told that he had switched departments. I called the other, and was told she was on break. I tried again this morning, at 9 AM, when they would not be on break, and was told by the customer representative that they cannot put me in contact with members of the escalation team, but that they would call me back. Just WTF is going on?!

9:45 AM
Called the Global Escalation Team phone # that was given to me again and was again transferred to just regular customer service

Rupiner (#887063) told me that she could not connect me with the escalation team even though their e-mail said they work from 8-5 PM M-F. She gave me the regular "they will call you back in 24 hours" nonsense. No one at the escalation team has responded to my e-mails or the messages that I have previously been able to leave (up until yesterday, I was able to leave messages with the secretary at the escalation team office)

9:58 AM
Finally managed to get through to the same Global Escalation Team secretary that I had been talking to all last week trying to get in contact with members of the team. Karthik (#145772) told me that both Reena Dominic and Azam Mohammed were not at their desks. Interestingly enough, although the secretary previously told me Azam Mohammed had switched departments, he apparently forgot what he had told me last time, and tried to page Azam. No luck.

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